Doing laundry requires giving it your All



“Have you ever noticed how as an adult, all the bright colors go out of your life? Now … things always look gray, like a clothesline draped with laundry that’s been washed too many times and left to stand in the wind. I guess that’s what growing up is… it’s a fading photograph.” Rebecca McNutt, Smog City

Have you become an involuntary slave to the weekly laundry washing ritual? My two days to do that necessary task are Wednesday and Saturday. If only there were eight days in a week to get a more even split but that is the best break down of time I can manage. I like to get into the laundry room early since the building I reside in is small and has only one washer and two dryers. When the machines un into glitches getting the job done becomes a major chore. But many times watching the drying clothes rotating in the dryer drum is a lot more entertaining than watching television reruns. – gc

M A R T Y R   T O   T H E   C A U S E

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8 Comments on Doing laundry requires giving it your All

  1. Fortunate to have my own set in my apartment. I was doing laundry when I read this!!


  2. Luckily I have my own laundry room/large closet, so it makes life easy. Also at our timeshare we have washers and dryers that are free at the end of each floor.


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