The vigorous side of dressing outdoors



“I find people better looking without clothes than with clothes. You can go to a gym and go to a steam room and you see someone and think, He’s really handsome. Then he puts on his clothes. Some weird pants. A thumb ring. Some weird socks. And it’s gone!” —  Tom Ford, Vanity Fair, Mar. 2006

The gentleman above seems to be unconcerned about who sees him changing out of his work clothes. He had just put on his sweater and pants and was looping his belt on his blue jeans. He was engaged in an animated conversation with the group of people on the right. It was a cold day and one can only assume he was oblivious to world around him. Their chatting continued for one half hour before they left area. It must have been a day filled with conversation and goose bumps. — gc

C O N V E R S A T I O N   A N D   G O O S E B U M P S


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  1. Something I wouldn’t do, but you never know what the younger generation will get up to.

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