The irksome side of road repair



“Every body has their taste in noises as well as other matters; and sounds are quite innoxious, or most distressing, by their sort rather than their quantity.” Jane Austen, Persuasion

What could be more irritating than the sounds of heavy street repair equipment being serviced at 8:05 on Monday morning right outside your bedroom window? This is especially distressing when you had originally planned to sleep in a little longer that day? Oh well, that’s the price of progress.– gc

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7 Comments on The irksome side of road repair

  1. I am concerned that your bedroom window that close to the street so as to ever have heavey street repair equipment next it.


    • Thank you for your concern. The sidewalk is about 30 feet away and the curb another five after that. When they constructed the older part of the city they did not consider the ramifications of progress. Happily the maintenance work is a short term duration. Have an enjoyable day. 🙂

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  2. The landscapers arrive at 7.30 once a week, and start at our condo. Always wake me up.


  3. I love that you quoted Jane Austen 🙂

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