Returning to base with day’s collection


“What to do if you find yourself stuck in a crack in the ground underneath a giant boulder you can’t move, with no hope of rescue. Consider how lucky you are that life has been good to you so far..” Douglas Adams, The Original Hitchhiker Radio Scripts

For the past few days the weather has gotten warmer, the traces of the first early winter snow have finally melted and the street people and their ever popular collection shopping carts have once again taken to the streets and neighborhood garbage bins searching for their means of income. The couple above had a difficult time returning to base ( a local bottle depot)  but were persistent in their efforts to make it there before closing time. When the snows return their major source of this “disposable income” will be unavailable. — gc

P R O U D  A N D   D E T E R M I N E D 


Ediitorial Comment

I am baffled as to why my blog article was flagged as “spam” today and was either discarded or tossed away. I tried a number of times this morning to get the article posted under the one word directive “base”. All to no avail.

I contacted Word Press site managers for assistance with this problem One person I spoke with , Megan,  told me my article was flagged as “spam”. That was strange as I have been posting articles here for a great many years. 

There was another oddity with the site this morning. By the time I usually go online and post my blog there are usually 100 other folks who have already posted their articles. Today there was a mere 20 or so. The person I spoke with also noticed this anomaly. 

I hope this note will help other who tried to post today and were unsuccessful in their efforts. If you have problems like this contact the editorial support staff ASAP. It worked for me. 


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11 Comments on Returning to base with day’s collection

  1. Uploading to the Friday photo challenge also seems slow today – must be the weather 😉

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  2. For 3 days now I have been unable to get my posts to appear on the word prompt page. Other blogs I frequent I found were also not appearing on the word prompt page – even though they wrote word prompt posts. Not sure what is happening. I thought it would be fixed by now.

    I like your post, too! Their cart looks loaded!

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    • Hi Robyn. Three days is a long time to wait patiently for results. Did you try using the “help” category? For me it offered a chat with a real WP associate. You should also have that feature since you, like myself, have a registered site. Give it a try next time. Did you finally get your post published?

      You can always tell there is going to be a problem when the number of users submitting posts on a certain topic is low. Today when I published my blog entry the count was a little over 20. It is usually over 100.

      Did you contact WP admin and tell them your problem. Many users were automatically shuffled to the “SPAM” category. Even the associate who helped me otice the small number of respondents after I mentioned it to her.

      I suspect there ia a glitch n the programming of the site. Remember this: When a new month occurs there is usually a snafu lurking about at WP.

      Make that as a rule of thumb for yourself Robyn.

      That should calm your nerves a bit.

      Take care. Thanks again for writing.

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      • Yes, all good. Like you said, when I went on the word prompt page there were less posts than there normally would’ve been. So I figured it was a glitch on their side. I just checked the word prompt pages and all my posts (and everyone else’s that submitted) are now showing. Good to know about the change of the month! Thanks gc – you too!


      • You are very welcome. Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂

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  3. The same thing happened to me today with the Discover Challenge. I left a link in the comment section and now my post is showing. Yours is too as I am browsing the other ‘blocks’ of titles and enjoying what everyone had to say for the challenge.


    • I follow a procedure whenever I post my blog article.

      (1) Spell check for errors.
      (2) Save the error corected copy.
      (3) Publish article
      (4) View my post
      (5) CLick on the WP link to access the WP site
      (6) Check to see if my post is there (It should be in the first few spots at the start of the page)
      (7) Bitch like crazy if the article is not there
      (8) Contact someone at WP for help. Never suffer in silence. 🙂
      (9) After the issue is resolved add a comment to my article so that everyone else having this problem knows about it.
      (10) Relax and enjoy the day reading everyone else’s articles. 🙂

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  4. I do quite a bit of that, although sometimes when I spell check, silly stuff whiffs right out of my brain and doesn’t get picked up by Spell-Checker either and I’ll find the mistake much later…sometimes months. For instance just now I wrote ‘our of my brain’ and luckily saw it before I hit post.

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    • The excitement of the moment causes a lot of us to experience momentary brain freeze. Part and parcel of blogging. Thanks for writing. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂


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