Rearranging this setup tricky


“Life is a balancing act. You need to keep your head up and your feet on the ground, while allowing your heart to go wherever it pleases!” —  Susan Gale quotes  

When you are rearranging things you need a place free of foot traffic and distractions. Sometimes solitude helps you to think more clearly and proceed smoothly with the operation. Unfortunately this service repairman at a local grade school had no such environment to work with. The back entranceway to the building was being fitted with a new outdoor light and alarm bell system. With inside help from one of the school’s maintenance men he was able to work safely perched atop his ladder. – gc

F O R  W H O M  T H E  B E L L  T O L L S

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1 Comment on Rearranging this setup tricky

  1. There is no way either of us will get up on a ladder without the other one around.


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