Water’s captivating wintry disguise


“The pure air and dazzling snow belong to things beyond the reach of all personal feeling, almost beyond the reach of life. Yet such things are a part of our life, neither the least noble nor the most terrible.” —  Frederick Soddy

I realize that Monday is Columbus Day but a good many residents in the area woke up this morning to discover that an appreciable accumulation of snow had fallen during the wee hours of the morning.The weather network had correctly predicted its early arrival but who these days really puts money on the accuracy of their forecasts? H2O’s wintry appearance is much more inspiring than a torrent of inundating an area and leaving things in a state of disrepair. The snow began to melt as the sun rose today. A good sign that winter is still a long way away. –gc

A  G E N T L E  B L A N K E T  O F  S N O W 



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11 Comments on Water’s captivating wintry disguise

  1. Beautiful, but sad snow so early :/

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  2. A good sign also that it may come sooner than expected. We will make the best of all the seasons of life. I wish you more sunny days ahead.

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  3. Wow, snow so early in the year!


  4. Great take on the theme. Here down under we’re heading into Spring now but still getting a lot of rain!

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  5. Yikes. Is this a bit early for you to have snow?

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  6. I don’t miss snow at all.


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