Drivers disagree with safety markers


“You don’t know what people are looking for. What you know is what you feel like might be missing. It’s up to the people to agree with you or disagree with you, and you’ll know in their reaction.”— Pharrell Williams

It is a few minutes before 9 a.m. Randall stands on a corner near a construction site where road maintenance crews are working and holds a sign warning drivers to slow down. . At the top of the hour he will place brightly colored warning signs telling drivers and pedestrians that the road ahead is closed. Entrance to the street is now impossible. He and his co workers know only too well that a number of drivers will ignore these signs and try to drive down the closed street.This is just another day on the job.

D R I V E R   I G N O R A N C E   O R    I N D I F F E R E N C E

After chatting with a number of construction crew employees who were assigned to the traffic control detail I am of the opinion that the pillory should once again be used for those careless drivers who not only disobey warning signs but also jeopardize the lives of their fellow drivers and work maintenance crews working in the area.

I have seen for myself the attempts many drivers have made to squeeze their vehicles between the curb and the road closed sign. One woman after a few minutes decided to back up her vehicle and find another route to her destination.

The men and women who attempt to direct the traffic tell me that this type of driver indifference is typical. Somehow drivers expect the machinery to cease working while they traverse down the roadway.

The use of the pillory might make an impression on those thick-headed drivers who continually flaunt the safety rules and regulations of the road.

What do you think?  Agree or disagree? — gc

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4 Comments on Drivers disagree with safety markers

  1. Lol! I’d love a village center pillory for many reasons! And yes, bad driving of all sorts would be reason enough to spend a day in one… or at least a few hours. Could it also be for those that are just typically obnoxious too? You know the ones- they play loud music that you can’t understand whilst driving, or those that have personalized license plates only they can read, but have the rest of us trying to decode!! 😉

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    • Bravo. I totally agree with you. Trying to decipher a personalized plate is a distraction. The drivers who play extremely loud music should be fined and have their woofers and tweeters confiscated. I do not know how they can ever hear a siren when their ear drums are bombarded with the intense decibel clatter. Thanks for writing. Enjoy the day. 🙂

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