Roofers ignore safe work practices


“Sometimes, all that is required of us is to come to a decision, a decision which would determine our course thereafter, which is sudden, which is made in an instant and not out of introspection.”—  Chirag Tulsiani

Sometimes when you are facing a dilemma the best course of action is to do something and face the music later. This past weekend I noticed that the roofers had left their work platform hoisted high in the air and from time to time the wind would swoop onto the platform and blow the unsecured material to the ground. The workmen did not place barriers around the work site and children were playing in the area which is a designated play area for them. My plan of action: contact the site management office and report the unsafe practice to them. I am now waiting for a reply from them.

A  M A T T E R  O F  S A F E T Y


E D I T O R I A L  C O M M E N T 

This particular roofing company has been on this job site for the past two months. Their work safety practices are questionable and their progress on completing the job slow.

Over that period of times nails have been dropped all over the parking lot, lumber and other material hurled down on main floor tenants patios and refuse and debris abandoned by the workers at shift’s end.

I am not really picking on the workmen only criticizing their safety practices. Last week as I left the rental office with the on site manageress a hammer fell from their raised platform as they worked and landed about five feet from us.

I called up at the workers and the one man-made light of the matter shouting “what goes up must come down”. This was not really the response I was expecting.

The matter was reported this morning via descriptive email which included the above photo and it is up to their employer and the site’s management team to correct the situation.


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