Radical driveway design eco-friendly


Your habits will determine your quality of life. Your standards of life is comparable to none when you’re Unique, Practical and Pristine, wear your crown to celebrate your Journey of Life.” ––  Malika E Nura

When you live on an island you do not expect paved driveways and smoothed sidewalks to greet you every time you step outside your front door. Many of the roads here are winding, steep and at times treacherous. The tree on the right hangs precariously overhead like the sword of Damocles at the front door while an empty wasp nest sways easily in the breezes beneath a bird house made for chickadees. The empty nest keeps other wasps from trying to settle in the area. 

T H E   C A L L   O F   T H E   W I L D  




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  1. Wow – I like the wasp nest!

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