The slower side of life also recharges



“It is my conclusion that the human mind and body is essentially a single cell rechargeable battery that is charged from the atmospheric DC voltage and the Earth.” ― Steven Magee, Health Forensics

Many folks caught up in the fast lane of life from time to time seek a temporary way out to hep them slow their life down which would enable them to take that all important breather from reality and enjoy the moments life offers them. A quiet walk in the park, a picnic under a shaded tree, some quiet time spent on a warm sandy shore all offer us the simple yet effective way to escape the cramping and confining lifestyles that plague modern man. This much-needed escape can even be as simple as taking your shoes off and walking about barefoot in your own backyard.!

 A S   Y O U   L I K E   I T

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7 Comments on The slower side of life also recharges

  1. Amazing start and beautiful post. I was charged by this awesome but short post.

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  2. You really did enjoy your trip, didn’t you? It looks so very peaceful and relaxing.

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  3. Good one 🙂

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