Cleaning ocean crabs an acquired skill


“Sometimes, the experts forget they were once beginners.You must be gentle with beginners; they have great potential to be experts.” ― Lailah Gifty Akita, Think Great: Be Great!

Cleaning ocean crabs properly is definitely a hands on, labor intensive procedure that requires skill, expertise, patience and practice. It is an acquired knack that is well worth the effort. A crab meat sandwich sprinkled lightly with dill weed and mayonnaise and served on freshly baked slices of bread is a delicacy guaranteed to please any and all palates. A complementary glass of your favorite chilled wine makes all the effort worthwhile. 

S L O W   A N D  S T E A D Y 

If you are a resident of one of the many islands off the British Columbia Pacific coastline the odds are pretty good that you have a boat, a favorite spot where you lower your crab pots into the ocean and enjoy inspecting these after a few days waiting time.

You might argue this is a lot of fuss and bother until you visit your favorite fish market and realize the high price attached to this ocean delicacy.

If you catch and prepare your own crab entrees you understand the effort and the acquired skills needed to do the job right. 

With the meticulous skill of a surgeon you slowly extract the pinkish meat from its protective covering and ensure that no shards of the shell have been left behind.

This would be one such skill I would enjoy developing but for the fact that I lack the patience and manual dexterity to perform such a labor intensive operation.

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11 Comments on Cleaning ocean crabs an acquired skill

  1. I love the quote about how experts were once beginners!
    I am not a crab meat fan, but looks like an art to harvesting the meat!

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  2. This sounds like a skill similar to the oyster shuckers down here where I am, Gerry!

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  3. Thank you.


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