Crew chief checks specs for mistakes



Never shy off to move forward when opportunity knocks at the door. Take chances, make mistakes. The next obstacle may be a stepping stone. Life may be full of messes, but it is also full of pleasant surprises.” — Dr Anil Kr Sinha quotes .

Sidewalk construction and renovation is a costly and demanding enterprise. Codes and rule books ensure that currently enforced safety regulations and design specifications are being met and followed. Mistakes often happen but they are few and far between.The man in the upper inset photo ensures that everything is going smoothly. Discrepancies and other such considerations are handled as they manifest themselves at the work site.

O N S I T E    R E A L I T Y   C H E C K I N G 

Making mistakes in life is part and parcel of the human condition. At times they are meant to teach us an important lesson about ourselves and should never be feared or avoided.

Life’s overall game plan for each and every one of us is empirical and experiential and not as rigidly directed as sidewalk construction. Learning here involves mistakes, trial and error and benefitting from what he have learned from our mistakes. 

Take a chance. Make a mistake or two. Enjoy each and every day of your life. Mistakes will happen. It is an integral part of our DNA.


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5 Comments on Crew chief checks specs for mistakes

  1. Excellent!!! Hope you don’t mind if I rebloggging! 😁

    This is a great reminder for me today and I’m sure it may be just what a few others may need today.

    Kind Regards and feeling grateful-K

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  2. Reblogged this on theblackwallblog and commented:
    Reblog from YOUR NIBBLED NEWS!!

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  3. I screw up all the time! If life were perfect, can you just imagine how bored we would all be? Love this post! Thank you for sharing those thoughts with me today.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts and sentiments. Both are much appreciated. We all screw up now and then. Some of us are brave enough to admit that to ourselves. Others deny the fact and continue to use lead pencils to do their crossword puzzles. Screwing up gives me the opportunity to not only appreciate my erroneous approach to a situation but also perceive clues on how to improve things all around so that no one else will make the same mistake I did. Have an enjoyable Sunday. Take care. Be safe. Stay happy and positive. 🙂

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