Narrow work space limits his mobility

“When you reach for the stars, you are reaching for the farthest thing out there. When you reach deep into yourself, it is the same thing, but in the opposite direction. If you reach in both directions, you will have spanned the universe.” ― Vera Nazarian, The Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration

Sometimes major construction and renovation updates though broad in scope are limited in the amount of work space available to complete a beautification project. This bricklayer’s zone of comfort might seem overly compressed but his dedication to the job at hand and his overall professionalism provide the drive and the impetus for his continued success.

S T A C K I N G  T H E  O D D S  A N D   E N D S

Monty times beautification projects involve more than financial expenditures and allowances. The men and women who actually perform the painstaking work invest their time, sweat , labor and skills into its successful completion.

The worker above has been in the business for many years and told me he enjoys visiting sites that he has had a hand in updating and modernizing. 

“The aching back, sore knees and physical exhaustion at day’s end are all part and parcel of the deal” he said.

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4 Comments on Narrow work space limits his mobility

  1. What a great positive attitude he has. That must be reflected in his work. Such a great post, Gerry.

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    • Thank you Lois. When I took the photos it was really hot outside. The sweat was trickling down his face and he was moments away from taking his coffee break. But he still made the time to chat with me and tell me how he felt about the work. A dedicated professional for sure. Enjoy the weekend. 🙂

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  2. I like the quote you posted. How profound it is.

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