Act of vandalism creates crisis mode


“The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis.’ One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger–but recognize the opportunity.” John F. Kennedy

Sometimes the long arm of the law is cut short especially when youthful acts of vandalism and theft are concerned. Under a certain age “children” can perform whatever “mischief” they like and the party injured by their boisterous antics is left holding the financial bag.

Y O U T H F U L    E X U B E R A N C E 

Late Tuesday afternoon as I was vacuuming in my apartment unit I heard a loud thud in the back bedroom. I ran into the room and saw two youngsters running away from this back window. They saw me and headed for the hills pronto.

They had kicked in the back main floor bedroom window. The exterior window was broken into many sharp fragments and the inside window pane was not damaged.

I telephoned the police to report the incident and when the female officer arrived on the scene she photographed the damage, asked me to fill out an incident report and then asked me if I could identify the perpetrators.

I could do better than that: I had their pictures performing other acts of theft and vandalism which had occurred in the past month. The younger boy wearing the glasses had vandalized my car in June of this year.

I thought I had the world by the tail until the officer told me sadly that because of their age there is nothing the police can do to bring the perps to justice. She and I agreed that this was unfair but that was the way the law operated.

I had photos of the two boys performing other acts of theft and vandalism and the officer took them with her. I also provided her with the address of another resident whose son plays with these two wayward youth.

This has created a crisis mode for me. The window was scheduled to be repaired later today (Wednesday July 27) however I received a call  from the after hours repairman assuring me that the window will be repaired on Wednesday.

I am a bit leery about leaving the suite for fear of further reprisals against me. There really is no on site security to monitor the site.

I have contacted the site’s management main office. I asked them to assist me in this matter and try some legal remedy to ban these two kids from the site.

Hopefully something positive will result. Other than that my nerves are on edge and hopeful the site management and the police can help me in this critical situation.

There are however two ironic twists of fate that make this tragic situation comedic:

  1. The officer who will investigate the incident begins her vacation today for 10 days and then switches to a night shift. “This will make it difficult to identify the children” she said.
  2. This is summer vacation time and the full-time on site manager is on vacation until sometime next week. No one is in the office to assist tenants and I need the window installed ASAP.

Holding things together during such trying times is definitely a difficult challenge.

E D I T O R I A L   U P D A T E 

After this story was posted I received a phone message from Agatha the temporary on site manageress. I explained the situation to her in detail. She told me that she would speak with the mother and discuss her son’s destructive activities.

An hour or so later she telephoned me again and told me that she informed the mother of her son’s actions, explained to her the steps that could be taken if this activity did not stop and then told me that the mother had heartily apologized to her for her son’s bad behavior.

She told Agatha that she wanted to meet with me so that she could personally apologize for all the grief her son had caused me. This was great news. 

This was an outstanding effort at keeping the peace by a woman who describes her job role as a “floater” assigned to many job sites.

Kudos to her and her efforts to help me with this issue.

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4 Comments on Act of vandalism creates crisis mode

  1. Cannot ‘like’ this Gerry because it is horrible. This is that same little kind who stole the bike? “Because of their age….” What about juvenile detention? Wow. This mom does nothing; her kid does everything and the police can do nothing? Something sounds rotten. I hope you get things fixed and do not become their target yet again.

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    • The situation has been remedied successfully.The temporary onsite manageress, Agatha, had a long and enlightening chat with the boy’s mother. She literally put the fear of God into the woman. The mother wants me to call her up and she will apologize for all the cost, grief and worry her son had caused me. Things are looking up Lois. Thank you for writing. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

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  2. Sorry to hear about the incident, Gerry. It is scary and downright terrible. Hopefully those kids get caught and they will find their way. Stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Mabel for your thoughts and concern. Much appreciated. The situation was handled deftly and effectively by the temporary onsite customer rep Agatha. She spoke with both the boys, the mother of one and explained to the the consequences of their deliquent actions. Hopefully this made a major impression on them. She tol me that the mother of the one boy had dark bruises on her upper arms. Spousal abuse could be a consideration. Have an enjoyable weekend. Take care. Stay safe. 🙂

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