Coffee break offers carefree time


“Childhood is the time of man’s greatest content. ‘Tis during these years of innocent pleasure that the little ones are most free from care. […] Their joy is in being alive, and they do not stop to think.” ― L. Frank Baum, The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

I think we can all readily relate to the immediate pleasure this woman is experiencing as she sits herself down, takes that first important puff on her cigarette and lets the stress of the work world slip easily but momentarily away. She has separated herself from the crowd and relishes this free time to just unwind.

“A sip of pop, a puff of smoke and me.”

I stumbled upon this photo-op purely by accident. The elements of the setting fit together so naturally and my camera was nearby.

Before I happened upon this scene I was stressed. The day was hot, the traffic overly congested and many times I wanted to flip my uncourteous fellow drivers the bird finger but did not.

I parked my car and noticed this woman sitting by herself and deeply inhaling the cigarette she held in her hands. For her it must have been a moment of psychological rebirth. 

She was extracting as much pleasure as she could from the moments that her brief coffee break allowed her to enjoy.

The mere act of watching her and photographing this carefree moment was enough to help me relax and let the past problems of the day just slip away.

Sometimes you share in the moments you photograph. Such unplanned experiences are truly cathartic.

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