Some nightmares too readily ignored



“Of all the things you choose in life, you don’t get to choose what your nightmares are. You don’t pick them; they pick you.” — John Irving

The bespectacled little boy on the right is really no angel. Although he projects a facade of innocence he is known by the police for his destructive activities, indifferent attitude and frequent acts of vandalism. His friend on the left in the cap is the one heading for disaster.

P R E C O C I O U S   Y O U N G S T E R S

The mother in the photo above has given up the reigns of parental control to her young son on the right. The question he posed to her was meant to frustrate her.

I know the child and so does the local police crime unit. He frequently commits acts of vandalism to property, trespass and malicious mischief.

He is truly no innocent, misunderstood youth. He recently vandalised my car to the tune of $2,000 and got away scott free. Afterall the police told me he is “just a minor”.

He is a scammer and a player and knows that he is able to control adults by playing a certain role that his physical appearance allows him to get away with. He is a minor playing in the major league of life.

I caught a few bits and pieces of their animated conversation and was surprised when she merely told the two boys to “be careful where you play” and then walked away to do her grocery shopping.

The nightmare in this tale of woe is not the hazards associated with the construction site but the ugly fact that the little kid so blatantly manipulated his mother and will probably lead his friend down the road to juvenile hall or worse.

Some parents really don’t know when to get involved.

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1 Comment on Some nightmares too readily ignored

  1. Hard to like this, Gerry, when you state what happened to your vehicle. You want to say, “Where are the parents?” but you already answered that. They are not even there; they might as well not be if they don’t do anything. Shame.


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