Deserted street dominates chatter


“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it was peace.” ― Milan Kunde

Keep your eyes focused on this dog. Its master and a neighbor stopped at a street corner and commented on how deserted and quiet the area had become due to recent road construction. While this topic took them 10 minutes to discuss the dog accepted its fate and waited for its master to run out of something to say. This obviously was not its first rodeo.


When municipalities finally decide to embark on a road renovation and sidewalk repair campaign all the stops are pulled out and deserted streets and rerouted traffic routes are in full force.

In this one area the sidewalks had been jack hammered into oblivion and the resident’s patience tested to the max…..especially during the early morning barrage of slashing shovels, noisy backhoes and other types of earth moving equipment.

On this particular day the woman and her pet were walking towards the work site and ran into a neighbor. They began a ten minute debate on the pros and cons of such an operation especially since they live on a private road that runs through the work area.

I noticed that the dog obediently stopped when its master did and slowly proceeded to seat itself at her feet . The dog must have known that its master was chatty and sat patiently throughout the conversation.

I had spoken with the dog’s owner a few days previously and she told me that her dog did not enjoy the warmer weather and that the planned morning and afternoon walks were short-lived but enjoyed by the pup.

The dog did not mind the lengthy conversation and took time to collect its thoughts and wait until its master was finished chatting.

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2 Comments on Deserted street dominates chatter

  1. So cute, Gerry. It is like a stop-action movie. Poor pup, but at least he can sit down and wait…


  2. Just yesterday I visited friends with the most amazing dog who was close to being put down before they found him. I enjoy his company as much as I enjoy that of his family. He is a joyful link to paradise!


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