Looking up to charge your perspective

When we look up, it widens our horizons. we see what a little speck we are in the universe, so insignificant, and we all take ourselves so seriously, but in the sky, there are no boundaries.” Julia Gregson, East of the Sun


This roofer works effectively, efficiently and professionally above street level. His work is important and the risk of personal injury to himself is  great. He and others like him are out there in fair weather and foul. He is aware of you as a pedestrian and is concerned about your safety. Passersby often offer him a perfunctory glance and continue on their way. 


Ever notice that when you walk down a city street absorbed in your own personal problems and concerns your eyes are either fixed solidly on the sidewalk or focused straight ahead  on the oncoming foot traffic heading your way?

It may seem like a radical notion but looking up now and then may not only help you out of your current funk mental state but also offer a new awareness and appreciation for all those things that are happening right above you.

Rooftop level and above is no longer the sole domain of the stray seagull searching for something to eat or the 747 airliner making its runway approach to a nearby airport.

Life does happen above your immediate gaze and the actors involved in this above eye level scenario often go unnoticed as they go about their routine daily tasks.

Why not look up now and again and discover a new world waiting to be discovered by you?



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2 Comments on Looking up to charge your perspective

  1. Great post, we should appreciate all the sites and sounds around us it is important. But these days every one be it a pedestrian or a drive are stuck on their mobile phones and accidents are awaiting. So there isn’t even a chance to observe the above, the ground, the window displays, the young one helping the old one, the love and care given to a less abled person crossing the road, friends meeting after a while, the person carefully selecting the vegetable for today meal..

    Great post


    • Thank you for your thoughts. The only time these days when we notice the other person happens when we run into them while texting. A sad state of affairs. Enjoy the day.

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