The early drive for personal autonomy


“Listen to the desires of your children. Encourage them and then give them the autonomy to make their own decision.” — Denis Waitley.

Sometimes parents need to accept the fact that they need to give their young children the space to explore reality for themselves. The adult world may be filled with mysteries but not all children adhere to the notion that mother and father know what best captivates their minds and imaginations.

The youngsters in this set of photos are attempting to discover the word around them in their own personal way. 

Playing with a colorful umbrella on a soccer field, exploring the flora of a park and showing grandma something they discovered are important experiences for them.

The adult world may be exciting and interesting to their parents. In the young child’s developing mind there is another aspect of reality that beckons their attention.

Rather than chastise the child for being “rebellious” parents should encourage their children to develop a sense of their own autonomy and curiosity. A sense of who they are in the scheme of things.

The ability to experience and appreciate the world about themselves forms an essential part of their learning process.

Punishing the child for being inquisitive only curtails its sense of autonomy. The overly obedient child might be the one that has given up on itself in order to placate mom and dad.

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