Blue sky and sun are his companions


“A real pleasure is a pleasure that one enjoys by one’s self, without a companion, and without a single argument.” — Sholom Aleichem.

From atop his perch this municipal power worker can evaluate the job site and act as CEO for the successful completion of the operation. He works in cramped quarters for most of his day but realizes he has a crucial role to play in the safety of both pedestrians and drivers.

Man in a bucket

The man working in that tiny bucket above street level is part of the team that ensures that frayed and damaged power lines will be replaced and not become a hazard to pedestrians or motorists who pass beneath the hanging cables.

While the other members of his work crew prepare the lengths of cable for their new home he carefully and meticulously removes the old weathered cable and replaces it with new strands of wire prepared for him by his work crew down below. 

This series of articles concerns those employees whose actions , though unnoticed by many of us, help ensure we can safely enjoy the streets and sidewalks we all take for granted.


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3 Comments on Blue sky and sun are his companions

  1. Hi,
    It’s very rare that credit is given to people doing odd jobs but reality is that they make our lives smooth. Kudos to you for bringing them forth.



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