Natural path to extremist mindsets?


“But I knew the truth and that’s why I was so sad. Every moment before this one depends on this one. Everything in the history of the world can be proven wrong in one moment.” ― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The youngsters in this news photo are a bit older than the group of unsupervised children who pummelled my car yesterday with feet, fists, soccer balls and pointed sticks. They were between the ages of six-years-old and eleven. Their attack was unprovoked and directed towards my vehicle and ironically led by the eleven-year-old boy.

Editorial Comment

I am not trying to promote violence, racial hatred or stereotyping among any group or nation. There are enough incidences in life to handle that fanning of hatred. I am merely reporting what happened last night in my parking lot around 5:45 p.m. 


I live in an apartment complex that houses people from various nations around the world . It is generally a peaceful setting in which neighbors say hello, exchange pleasantries and live peacefully side by each.

Last night around supper time I looked out the front entrance door and noticed a large group of children mulling about my car. They carried hockey sticks, soccer balls, pointed sticks and small branches.

As if on command they began to waylay my vehicle. Feet, fists, pointed sticks, soccer balls and small feet. I was both startled and piqued that this was happening.I needed to take some action. I yelled at them and they scrambled from the scene.

I went back to my apartment, picked up my camera and stared taking pictures of the attackers. It was similar to watching the youngsters in the Lord of the Flies. The action was frantic and furious and controlled.

The leader of the pack saw me taking the photos and with a hand wave ordered the group to leave the scene. I breathed a sigh of relief.

Five minutes later I checked outside once more and noticed the gang was back and the leader of the pack had stationed himself as lookout to warn the others.

I phoned the police who issued me a nuisance file number to use in the event the situation recurs. It will save me the trouble of refilling a complaint.

With a bit of investigation I discovered that the leader and his younger brother were refugees from Somalia. The other children hailed from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

They have not been in the country that long I was later informed. The experiences they endured in their homeland has shaken them terribly. This sudden outburst of anger could have been caused by any slight or social injustice as they saw it.

I really believe that refugee families entering a new country should be debriefed and integrated into their new communities by members of the clergy and social organizations.

This may be one solution to help prevent senseless violence and the massacre of innocent people world-wide.

Let’s stop the murder and the violence.

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  1. Good and bad are just products of a temporary and active selection which must constantly be renewed. ……..trouble is humans always manage to get stuck in a rut.


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