Texting kills playful atmosphere


I believe in always being open to learning more through exploration of everything available and following one’s sense of curiosity, creativity, and playfulness.” ― Jay Woodman

There ought to be a law that stipulates that if you have a dog then you not only take it out for its obligatory daily constitutional walk but also be forced to interact with it on a playful one-on-one basis. The woman in this photo should wear canvas gloves and carry the leash alone. Someone is getting a message and it sure isn’t her.

Let me state this for the record: a dog is more than a mere pooping machine that must be fed and walked daily so that its bowel movements and general health can be maintained with daily walks and other types of extraneous activity.

For many “dog lovers” the animal is an inconvenience because it has its own needs and imposes on its master’s needs for texting and general computer quiet time.

A dog is a human’s best friend. (notice I did not say “man’s) and as such deserves more that mute inattention. It is an intelligent, playful, friendly and curious  being. It needs to not only romp freely by itself but also  interact with its human care givers.

They say that a cat is too aloof and independent for its own good and that it merely humors humans with an occasional show of affection.

I wonder if over time cats have learned that human’s are fickle and need to be given the cold shoulder now and again to keep them in line.

If a dog owner refuses to get down-and-dirty with his/her pet they should wear canvas gloves whenever the dog is in their presence. The gloves will prevent any type of personable interaction and alert the dog that it may be time to seek nourishment and companionship elsewhere.

There was an experiment done with hamsters in the late sixties. The caretakers wore canvas gloves when changing one groups cages and playing with them. Another group was treated without the gloves.

It is no surprise that the group in which human contact was minimal the hamsters got depressed, became obese and overweight and died. Probably of loneliness. 

My suggestion: Lose the phone and play with your best friend. 




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12 Comments on Texting kills playful atmosphere

  1. I like the points you make — probably the social nature of cats has been missed in the aloof stereotype. Our two cats obviously crave human interaction– not as much as the dogs but still in their own way.


  2. Amen to that, Gerry.


  3. I’m not a dog lover, but I get your point.


  4. Love it and couldn’t agree more! It drives me crazy! Just only recently witnessed a young woman dragging her very old dog behind her. She seemed really annoyed with the dog, walking way too fast for him and he tried to do his business as well. She was texting and not paying any attention to him. Sad…

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  5. The cell phone has become a part of the human body these days:) people are always carrying it around and are all the time in that world.

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  6. My best buddy Kitty Cat Sylvester is sitting on my lap as I write this. Sylvester loves to give head rubs and cuddle up with me for naps. He is a sweet kitty.


    • Many people form wonderful relationships with their pets. Others see them as annoyances and inconveniences. To befriend a pet means to increase your own humanity. Thank you for your comments. Take care. Enjoy the day.

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  7. Thank you!! Sylvester says, “Meow!” Have a Blessed Week!!


  8. Good on you for speaking out on this – dog rompers unite! My dear hubby knows that any walk down the street may require numerous stops to pat expectantly wagging dogs tied to posts (and most of them really do love getting attention). Thank-you!


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