Time to grow, explore, share and fit in


Childhood is the world of miracle or of magic. It is over the moment things are no longer astonishing. When the world gives you a feeling of “deja vu”, when you are used to existence, you become an adult.: — Eugene Ionesco.

Childhood is the time when the youngster not only learns the basic skills of potty training, walking , talking and eating at the table but also a time when social skills applicable to outside the family circle are also developed. 

A serious discussion involving the facts of life always seems to involve the topic of the birds and the bees. Children realize the are unable to fly on their own or have a stinger attached to their bottoms 

The discussion tends to revolve about sex. Does a child of six or seven really want to know what a vagina  is all about or how a penis fits into the scheme of things? I doubt that. Save that chat for a later time in their lives when it will be a lot more relevant.

More importantly this life related chat should emphasize the importance of leaving the nest, making new friends outside the family, discover what you like to do as hobbies ,and find out what you as a person can contribute to the social setting you are about to enter.

This approach may be a little off the wall but childhood is the time for presenting opportunities and challenges that help the child grow and stimulate his/her curiosity and imaginations.

Sex is a great topic to discuss and enjoy as an adult but children need subjects that encourage them to think, grow and discover life.



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2 Comments on Time to grow, explore, share and fit in

  1. That is a wonderful quote. Perhaps this is why some people never completely grow up! I think anyone involved creatively in the arts keeps this feeling of astonishment for life. Lucky us.

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    • Thank you. Being young at heart keeps you creative beyond your years. Life is filled with surprise if you just take the time to discover it. Have an enjoyable weekend. 🙂


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