Circus of life passes by our windows


“Sometimes I think God wants there to be a circus so we can show there’s another way to respond.” — Tony Dungy.

Sometimes I think that real life has a definite edge over reality television. All you have to do is gaze out your living room window and really see what is going on outside. The cast of characters is unlimited as the participants go about their daily activities. Circus Maximus was never this intriguing.

Children of all ages love the circus. The excitement of the big top. The wild animals. The drama we all experience watching the tightrope walker go though his/her death-defying routines.

Well the circus of the street offers just as much excitement, adventure, drama and variety as the trained professionals who entertain us at the paid venue. The elephants are not there but the large street machines more than make up for this deficiency.

The photos above illustrate some of the many street scene scenarios that you may discover when you look outside your kitchen window or balcony doors:

(1) Two young men carrying a large screen HD television to their suite is no big deal but when they do so every single weekend you wonder what in the world is going on inside their suite.

(2) Large road repair machine parades proudly and unfettered down the street as the roar of its motor replaces the sounds of an elephant’s cry.

(3) The strange appearance of abandoned furniture along an apartment unit’s rear exit and its mysterious removal by forces unknown is also a curious entertainment.

(4) There is humor in a man rummaging through a waste control container outside a bottle return plant in the hopes of finding a few containers that have not been thoroughly demolished.

I know you’re thinking why doesn’t this guy get a life. Good question. This is a part of life that photographers and artists capture in a real life medium and then transform into another more appreciative artistic realm.

The circus of life is out there. Take the time and develop the acuity and patience to appreciate it fully. Nothing in life is moot. Everything has an importance all its own.

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