Forks in the road a daily occurrence


“Life is all about choices. On every journey you take, you face choices. At every fork in the road, you make a choice. And it is those decisions that shape our lives.”  —   Mike DeWine.

Have you ever noticed that we are all faced with our own forms of forks in the road ? No matter how hard you try not to have to make a decision life throws them at you anyway. SImple things are the more insidious and nerve-wracking decisions to make. Once made you realize you fretted over nothing.

Decision making is a difficult task. The simpler the choice the more stress and strain we tend to place on ourselves.

Many forks in the road involve mere common sense alternatives: do this and be happy or do that and regret the choice you made.

The woman in the photo above appeared to have been struggling with second thoughts about taking her first selfie. She sat down, momentarily distracted herself with a bit of reading; smoked a cigarette and then captured the photo.. 

The relief she experienced after having sent that first selfie photo was evident by the way she threw her hands up in the air and relaxed. The tension was over and life returned to normal.

Forks in the road of life are not meant to be intimidating. Many are there to help us out of a personal rut.

They are opportunities and not road blocks.

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2 Comments on Forks in the road a daily occurrence

  1. Love your phrase “they are opportunities and not road blocks.” Well put 🙂

    With Respect, Hope, Joy and Love, Carmela

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