Countless opportunities for injury



“We have to face our fears and plow through. I think taking chances takes a lot more courage than staying stagnant and doing what’s safe and comfortable.” —  Terri Clark

This is your personal work space: tight; cramped; congested; and obviously hazardous to your health and  safety. You do the job everyday anyway because you enjoy the outdoors and have a respect for trees. Some folks jobs are more riskier than others.

Imagine yourself 20 feet above the ground trying to do your job in the cramped quarters of a cherry picker in both good weather and bad.

The challenge is trying to trim and beautify trees that are also unintentionally trying to maim and possibly injure you.

Not everyone can do the job. Nor is there a rush of people anxious to be hoisted up that high in the air and allow themselves to be probed and prodded by a tree’s spiderweb network of branches running higgledy-piggledy about your person.

This tale is a brief salute to all those men and women who perform this valuable public service for us everyday.

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5 Comments on Countless opportunities for injury

  1. Nice to read this. Our titles resemble half way.


  2. I’ve always admired tree trimmers. So far up from the ground, and they must trust their equipment in order to do their job. They mustn’t be afraid of heights.

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    • They must be like the tight rope walkers in the circus. They focus entirely on the job at hand and forget about the height. Not really a profession for me. Thank you for your comments. Enjoy the day.

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