After class buddy chat time important


“A lot of these kids I think are more content just to be on Facebook and the computer than they are to actually go out. They just really want to get a picture to post to their buddies, and that’s about it.” — Dave Attell

These grade school friends take the time to sit on the back steps of their school while they wait for their bus ride home to arrive. They prefer face-to-face interaction as opposed to their fellow students who are constantly texting, chatting or sending selfies via their cell phones. Human interaction for some folks wins out over cyber every time.

Not everyone these days becomes addicted to the vast amount of electronic gadgetry that now exists on the market. Instantaneous communication is a luxury but not as effective as the good old standby of face-to-face interaction.

These youngsters enjoy some quiet down time with their fellow students after a stressful day in the classroom. They are waiting for their bus ride home and share this time with their friends.

The buddy system does have its place in the real world. It allows real people to communicate in real-time with one another without cyber gadgetry mucking up the moment.


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1 Comment on After class buddy chat time important

  1. Thanks for this. I posted on social media today and feel happy to read this. It touches some of my worries.


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