Hope for success never abandoned



“I have a motto on my bedroom wall: ‘Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal.’ Giving up is not my style. I just want to do something that’s worthwhile.” — Chris Burke

If you are an apartment dweller you know and appreciate the fact that month end means move out day. The gentleman above has employed a rather unique approach to moving his possessions from one location to another. His challenges increased by the short distances he travelled

Editorial Comment

This is the second of a five-part series illustrating one man’s determined efforts to move his personal possessions from one location to another. 


I do not know how far this man had traveled with this constantly shifting load of personal possessions but I do know that he did display a determined look on his face and the drive and overall chutzpah to get the job done.

His arduous trek began at 2:40 pm on a pleasant Sunday afternoon and lasted four hours. I periodically photographed his progress and noted that his resolve never flagged and his sense of optimism remained at a high level.

The small insert on the top right shows him crossing a busy intersection. His major challenges lay ahead as he entered an abandoned schoolyard with its jagged terrain and shifting grassy patches.

(continued tomorrow)


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2 Comments on Hope for success never abandoned

  1. What a great attitude. He probably has no stable home, and maybe struggles to find a roof over his head. I suppose you have to do what to do to rest comfortably as you can eah night.


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