A covered crossroad of opportunity



“How many crossroads are you allowed to have in life? I seem to have a lot of crossroads. I think maybe I crossed back across the same road too often.” — Queen Latifah

On a recent drive around town I noticed the unique architecture of this medium-sized strip mall. The open aired roof offered shoppers the opportunity to visit a fair number of the boutiques and gift shops protected from the wind, rain and snowy weather outside. 

A number of WP bloggers were somewhat apprehensive about writing an article about crossroads. They confided that they viewed the word itself with a fair amount of apprehension and dismay.

They admitted they did not want to write an article because it would only revive their own negative feelings of the past when they were facing a crossroad in their own life.

I chose the definition that meant unbridled opportunity to explore, have fun and savor the moments of discovery that were at anyone’s command should they choose to venture into such a place.

I visited the site on a chilly day after a mid afternoon shower. The air was crisp and clean and puddles of water were prominent in many sections of the mall.

Nevertheless I did stop in for a coffee at a tiny bistro that offered specialty blends and a delicious biscotti to  tickle the palate.

Not all crossroads we run into in life need to be intimidating. Many can be downright delicious and intriguing.



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8 Comments on A covered crossroad of opportunity

  1. coffee and biscotti….what a great crossroad to arrive at. Good post, Gerry.

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  2. Well said Gerry!! 🙂

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  3. Thank you for this lovely post Gerry. We see crossroads as a new adventure. Wags and love to you.

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  4. Not all crossroads we run into in life need to be intimidating. Many can be downright delicious and intriguing. It is all in the perspective, and changing the way you look at things. Hindsight – makes one realize – oh actually that was beneficial to me, I just didn’t realize it at the time.

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