Disaster caused by driver inattention


“The difference between talking on your cell phone while driving and speaking with a passenger is huge. The person on the other end of the cell phone is chattering away, oblivious.” —Marilyn Vos Savant quotes 

You could justifiably label this non-fatal traffic accident a double play.  It could also be called poetic justice. The female driver in the white Mercedes was preparing to make a right hand turn. The driver immediately behind her had the similar intention. The common element: both were on their cell phones chatting away at the moment of impact.

Driving while chatting on your cell phone has been deemed illegal in most municipalities and jurisdictions. The dangers of driver inattention and the relationship between chatting and traffic accidents has been well documented.

The incident above happened on a sunny Thursday morning around noon. The traffic was light and the roads free and clear. Driving conditions were ideal. The speed limit and stop signs were clearly visible. The road running east to west passed a nearby primary school.

The one common element in this scenario: both drivers had been chatting on their cell phones prior to the accident.. Their attention had been distracted just long enough to cause a five car pile up.

Two vehicles heading west crashed into one another and a vehicle at the far end of the lane behind the Mercedes slammed into the vehicle behind it. Broken glass, chrome, and other vehicular debris covered the roadway.

While no one was seriously injured the fire department, ambulance and three police cruisers arrived at the scene to direct traffic. Two damaged vehicles were towed away and EMT members tended to injured drivers.

Dazed drivers and their passengers sat on the curb and waited for th e tow trucks to arrive on the scene. The driver of the Mercedes and the other distracted driver were charged with reckless driving .

If you drive and feel the urge to answer your cell phone be courteous and pull over to the side of the road, stop your vehicle and then make the call. 



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  1. Exactly! No phone call or even text is worth it (says the lady who takes pictures on the freeway).

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