Stroller serves as mobile suitcase


“I’ve learned that you don’t need a lot in life. If it can’t fit into a suitcase, you don’t really need it.” — Joyce DiDonato

Now you see it. Now you don’t. This multi-tasking, creative father has effectively converted his infant’s stroller into an effective carry all , mobile suitcase. Plastic bottles for a nearby bottle return depot, diapers and supplies for his child and of course the youngster itself fits easily and comfortably within the confines of the modified mobile device. A tip of the proverbial hat to this inventive dad.

Have you ever considered the notion that many suitcases are too compact and cramped to safely transport the many essential items you need to take on a trip or vacation?

If you are a parent and have your university bound children return home periodically for their essential laundry visit you notice that many types of personal conveyance alternatives are chosen by them.

Pillow cases, plastic shopping bags, nap sacks and even large green plastic garbage bags are typically used to bring dirty laundry home for a good and proper washing.

The label “suitcase” itself may these days be totally misleading. Many travellers who return home from a trip abroad and are afforded the benefits of visiting a duty-free shop at an airport usually top up their suitcases with alcohol, tobacco , candies and other assorted goodies. 

No matter how you pack it a suitcase offers you a convenient way to transport personal possessions you deem important. It may not at times be chic or elegant but it does meet the necessities you yourself require in a piece of travel luggage.

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  1. Thank you, your words have given me food for though

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