Working towards a cleaner future


“The future hasn’t arrived yet. Do your best to try to shape it in the present moment, but always remember some things are just out of our control, and that’s fine.”  — Robert Washington.

This heavy-duty, sidewalk-sweeping, vacuum cleaning industrial sized machine sits patiently on a street corner waiting for its operator to begin his day and take part in his own brand of spring cleaning ritual. Sitting on the units padded saddle the controller can easily map out his work schedule for the day.

For many folks getting a glimpse of the future is as simple as climbing onto their machinery, surveying their work area, fastening their seat belt, turning on a key and then getting right into the thick of their day’s activities.

Teachers use their lesson planners and financial analysts employ charts and graphs to help their clients manoeuver through the stock markets myriad of options, choices and potential profits.

No matter how you slice it some folks futures are centered around a planned workday scenario while others utilize a more esoteric approach to planning their lives and possible future choices.

The driver of the vehicle above seemed to enjoy his work day and planned his future actions on the nature of his workload demands.

I wonder if this machine was a bit more portable could it help many of us who dread spring cleaning in our homes?

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