Bloggers conceal true intent

“Integrity is telling myself the truth. And honesty is telling the truth to other people.” Spencer Johnson

Forgive me if I sound a wee bit prudish but there are a number of female bloggers on the Word Press site whose real intent is to scam and infect the computers of their fellow bloggers by offering them ready access to “intimate, boudoir photos” of themselves to gullible males.   

One such female expressed great interest in my blog content but with subsequent  emails I received from her I noted that the words she so eloquently typed in her messages to me did not reflect her deeper meaning. Creative writing and freedom of expression is one thing. Outright deception and lewdness another.

There is another long time female blogger who also has decided to abandon the high road of integrity and experiment with this same type of second-rate pornographic writing style typical of someone who is trying desperately hard to secure a contract with one of the lesser known publishing companies that panders to society’s baser instincts and passions.

The number of folks that I communicated with immediately assumed that this “creative”writer was a female. Making that error in this type of social medium can be costly. The photos they send your way could infect your computer with a trojan virus, compromise your personal online data and of course damage your reputation both professional and personal. 

I was certain that Word Press caters to this type of salacious material in a site that could be rated XXX. These experimenting wannabe writers should deposit their works of creativity to those sites and not pester the rest of us who want to communicate and interact with fellow writers here in an above-the-board, non sensual manner.

The choice is yours guys but remember that once you press that download button you have relinquished your security to a faceless and nameless predator who feeds on your curiosity and primal self.

If these “females” offer you the opportunity to view them in their boudoir poses it would be best to report their antics to the Word Press site  co coordinators.

Your are not “ratting” on a fellow blogger. You are protecting the rest of our community from exploitation and abuse by these predators.

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10 Comments on Bloggers conceal true intent

  1. Kind of you to post this warning. And I really like your choice of illustrations. (Wolf in sheep’s clothing, perfect!)

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Much appreciated. There are wolves out there (male and female) ready to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting. Take care. HAve an enjoyable day.

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  2. Very well put sir, I wish that such antics didn’t happen but it is an everyday event around the globe and our own neighborhoods.


    • Thank you for your thoughts. These things happen a lot because some folks have mischief and deceit on their minds. It is part of the human condition I guess. You just have to be aware that this does happen.


  3. Reblogged this on Truth Troubles: Why people hate the truths' of the real world and commented:
    This gentleman is bringing up a very real subject matter, this post is a very good read, please give him a moment of your time.


  4. I think I have seen that in my spam folder and it should remain that way a SPAM. I have now deleted it all and never bothered to even open.

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    • Good for you. It is interesting to note that the person who wrote the article has been keeping a very low profile on WP. I guess the exposure has caused this individual to rethink their position. Good riddance. Enjoy the day.

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  5. Thank you for this information. Although I doubt I would be a target, I appreciate the information.

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