The dirty side of spring cleaning



“I can say the willingness to get dirty has always defined us as a nation, and it’s a hallmark of hard work and a hallmark of fun, and dirt is not the enemy.+  — Mike Rowe

This is the time of year when outdoor maintenance crews are helping to beautify the environment by getting their hands dirty and trimming away the dead branches, leaves and winter stubble that has remained after the snow has melted and deserted the area.

So here’s the headline on dirt. 

Sculptors, painters, gardeners, grade schoolers and just about anyone else who lives on the planet experiences dirt in their environment from time to time.

FInding a few dust bunnies under your kitchen table is not the end of the world. This just means that life is happening around you and this annoying residue is subtly beckoning you and yours to get involved and do something.

Afterall with the clock hands pushed ahead one hour there is more daylight around in which to get things done. More sunlight means more exposure to things that have to get done. That’s all!

You aren’t necessarily become a dirt monger just because a few of these infamous dust bunnies appear in your home.

Rejoice. Reality is merely offering you that wake up call and indirectly inviting you to get busy in your own spring cleaning campaign.

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4 Comments on The dirty side of spring cleaning

  1. You read my thoughts gc! Tomorrow my spring cleaning campaign starts! Reading your blog only encourages my determination! Have a great day!

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    • Thanks Pat. Some folks believe that dust bunnies should be nurtured. Others say that the cantankerous critters are eyesores. No one knows for sure. But the varmints still appear in everyone’s abode. Good luck with the spring cleaning. Have a great day. 🙂

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  2. This is a welcome positive take on the spring cleaning ritual. “More sunlight means more exposure to things that have to get done. That’s all!” It’s brilliant (pun not intended)! That you brought up dust bunnies is a great coincidence – I have a dust bunny story that I’m going to post in the next day or two. Something I wrote in response to a “found object” prompt. Watch for it … 🙂

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    • Thank you Lola for your kind words. Much appreciated. At times I too have my fair share of dust bunnies floating about the place. I look forward to your dust bunny review. Enjoy the day and the extra sunlight hours. 🙂 Let me know when your story has been published.


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