Legacy of black gold (oil)



“Legacies are not just for legends. Whether a million people know your name, or only one person does, you still have the right to leave your mark on the world, even if it’s only in your tiny corner of it, in the tiniest of ways.― A.J. Compton, The Counting-Downer

Bronze sculpture pays public tribute to the pioneering men and women who manned the oil derricks in the quest to find oil. 

Some legacies are grittier and more labor intensive than others.

The thousands of men and women employed in the oil industry deserve their share of kudos for braving the elements, hostile political areas of the world and these days lower than normal oil prices that are threatening to financially ruin many oil exploration companies. 

The always ready “rough necks” of yesterday left their black gold legacy for the rest of us to benefit from. 

A tip of the hat to all those folks who are and have been employed in an industry essential to world growth.



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  1. I enjoyed reading this article gc and love the photo of the Bronze sculpture.

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  2. Thank you Patricia. Your comments and you are always appreciated. Have an enjyable day. 🙂

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