S C R E E N !


“If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.” — Larry Page


Workman changes a protective screen that covers the interior circuits of one mall’s digital clock and temperature gauges. Although he is suspended high about the crowds his mind is focused on his work and the pedestrians below him.

Some jobs require you to keep your feet on the ground and your nose to the grindstone.

Others demand that you rise up above the crowd and stay focused on your work no matter what is going on around or beneath you.

Working in the limiting spatial confines of a cherry picker’s safety bucket is one of those job assignments. Preventative maintenance requires that the work be done on a fairly regular basis.

This type of screen shot may not be as glamorous as the type used in Hollywood movie sets but it is an essential service just the same.

A tip of the hat to those folks who perform this type of work!



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