In — E v i t a b l e ?


“After all, if you do not resist the apparently inevitable, you will never know how inevitable the inevitable was.”  Terry Eagleton, Why Marx Was Right

For many apartment dwellers the comfort and the security of retrieving their mail from inside a warm and cramped doorway ( as shown in insert) is quickly becoming a luxury of the past. March 7th is the day when the inevitable will happen:  tenants will now have to go outside to retrieve their snail mail from a community mail box. Some are happy to do this. Others not.

Many times in life the inevitable creates more chaos , confusion and  uncertainty than it’s well-intentioned promises of efficiency, order and control would have you believe.

On Monday March 7th mail delivery at one apartment complex will change radically. A community mail box structure will then be the recipient of the mail delivery person’s parcels, letters and advertising flyers.

The previously cramped and crowded inner doorways that housed the old style mail boxes will receive a face life. The boxes will be removed from service and a new era in mail delivery will be ushered into reality.

The new outdoor boxes have a system all their own. Identification numbers and not the familiar unit addresses will denote the box that will receive the incoming mail.

The boxes are being assigned on a “first come – first served” basis. There is a special inner panel that the mail delivery route person will use to identify where the mail recipient’s letters will be placed.

Many residents even at this late stage of the game have not visited the site management office to be assigned their new box number. The female manager I spoke with told me that she is expecting a rush of tenants on Monday morning.

All the tenants in this 96 suite complex have received telephone messages, typed letters under their suite doors and flyers informing them of the transition. a fair number have still not registered for the new box allocation.

A number of folks I chatted with told me they still have lots of time to comply. Afterall they told me “I still have till March 7th”. The rental office is closed for the weekend. Another inevitability?

Sometimes the absolute inevitability of a situation causes many folks to ignore the fairly obvious.

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