Gravity’s tug is way out of line Less of its force would mean a lot



“Just because an apple falls one hundred times out of a hundred does not mean it will fall on the hundred and first.”― Derek Landy, Death Bringer

Imagine how far you could drive a golf ball if the negative effect of gravity on the shot was lessened considerably. You could stand taller, accomplish more around the house and generally experience a straighter spine that a chiropractor would never need to violate with the snap, crackle and pop maneuvers.

Believe it or not there is a definite downside to gravity.

Have you ever considered the notion that gravity is both a necessity and a hindrance to the planet?

I know it is essential to keep things securely anchored to the ground and helps humanity not float off aimlessly into space. But it could also be considered a hindrance to mankind as well.

How much more could you accomplish in your life if the earth’s gravitational influence on your body was reduced to one sixth its current level?

We have all viewed telecasts from the moon wherein the astronauts can jump higher, lift heavier objects and drive a golf ball a lot further than they could back here on Mother Earth.

How much more energetic could you be in your own personal life if there was less physical pressure on your body holding you down on the planet? As the body ages it tends to sag forward. I know because I am starting to experience this metamorphosis.

The top part of your torso involuntarily begins to bend towards the ground. I guess this is nature’s way of protecting people in this age category from severely injuring themselves. The closer to the ground the less impact you feel. A preservation thing I think. 

Wooden canes are helpful and walkers for seniors are available. They assist in a person’s mobility to get from one point to another. But these are makeshift solutions to a celestial dilemma.

Imagine the freedom and the overall mobility you could experience if the earth’s pull on you was lessened. You could jump for joy and not land with a thump on the ground.

I truly think that younger people need the assurance that gravity will be there whenever they decide to jump up in the air to celebrate a momentous event. Seniors would also like to jump up in the air nut would love the assurances that their landing would be softer and not bone shattering.

Do you think your life would be improved if there was less gravity tugging on your body?

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4 Comments on Gravity’s tug is way out of line Less of its force would mean a lot

  1. Less gravity is great. If you don’t plan on living for more than five years, that is, because your muscles would atrophy, your bones deteriorate, and your blood won’t flow right any more, meaning you’ll eventually die of organ failure. Other than that though, sure!


    • I think that a number of such argumentations are based upon a faulty understanding of the human body and evolution. Zero gravity conditions and the gravity scenario I am proposing could be considered two different sides of the theoretical coin. We are all totally awed when we see astronauts romping weightless in space in their high tech suits. I am merely suggesting that hmuan phsyiology and our DNA Code over time would compensate for the lessened gravitational pull and when combined with pharmaceutical creations enable hmuans to exist in such altered envirnomental conditions. Human physiology is flexible and should be afforded more adaptational credt than what it is currently given.

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  2. Some of us would be quite content if there were only less of us for gravity to tug on. 🙂


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