An adventurous state of mind Whale’s open jaws mesmerizing



“We all exist in an interconnected matrix of life, so the state of your mind and heart affects the whole.” Narissa Doumani, A Spacious Life: Memoir of a Meditator

The three adventure seekers here examine the open jowls of this imitation whale. It is part of a tourist attraction wherein the non squeamish can sit easily in the jaws of this killer whale. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Iimagine yourself on Captain Ahab’s whaling ship the Pequod bravely  pursuing Moby Dick. The excitement of the chase and the actual face-to-face confrontation with the whale would leave many folks land lubbers forever. 

It still would be the adventure of a lifetime. Herman Melville’s story about the killer whale and one man’s obsession to capture it made willing deck hands out of all those who read the novel.

Many times life offers the more adventurous at heart the opportunity to fulfill their own imaginary adventures in a more laid back, fun-filled manner.

One mall in particular featured  a giant whale display that allowed the more daring passersby the opportunity to not only photograph the gigantic behemoth of the deep but also sit in its gaping jaws and be safely photographed doing so.

One can almost detect the scent of the sea in the air and the proud look of accomplishment on the faces of all those who dared pose for the picture.

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