Logic’s often elusive qualities Making a point often pointless





It’s hard to find logic in things sometimes. That’s why I can’t analyze things too much, because it often doesn’t make much sense.— Tim Burton

Some living quarters allow you to view and experience beautiful sunsets, well manicured lawns, breath-taking outdoor floral arrangements and the occasional slice of life passing by your window 24 hours a day. Other such arrangements offer you the exact opposite… the more negative sides of life.When this happens you are forced to take some kind of action.

Sometimes in life it’s what you don’t see that really matters. In many situations having the last word in any kind of discussion with a belligerent person is a blessing.

I once lived in an apartment building managed by a gentleman who feared offending tenants for any reason. Although he lived in one of the rental suites he refused to do anything to assist the residents whenever they dropped by his office requesting assistance.

He was unavailable to fellow tenants even though the very building he lived in might be in jeopardy. Many times he told me to call the after hours number to report any incidents and concerns. He was quite a frustrating person. His main goal in life was to complete his nursing course. Everything else came second.

There were a number of incidences where tenants living in the second floor suite had their friends climbing up the outside balcony walls to gain entry to the suite. Their friends were either not at home or it was in the early evening hours. This behavior was a 24- 7 situation.

On a number of occasions I caught them on film and presented the proof of this illegal entry to him. The proof he demanded we offer him. On more than one occasion he would scrutinize the photo, hmm and haw a few seconds and then complain that the photos were either grainy or lacked detail.

After one forty-five minute discussion with the guy I finally left in frustration. He did not want to get involved for any reason. Fellow tenants complained that during his tenure as on site manager he ignored many of their repair requests.

He was eventually asked to leave his position. One day after passing by the office I thought of an ideal retort to his frustrating answer. No one shed a tear for him when he finally vacated the building.

One day after passing by the office I thought of an ideal retort to his frustrating answer:

“What do you prefer a perfect picture or a protected premise for your tenants?”

Oh well some folks simply refuse to see the forest for the trees.



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7 Comments on Logic’s often elusive qualities Making a point often pointless

  1. I like that you are always there to help with what needs to be done, Gerry. Frustration??? No kidding! Whew, how awful.

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  2. These people will never, ever, see your point of view. It is excruciatingly frustrating. You are spot on, ‘Some can’t see the forest for the trees’-Well written post, Cheers Nicole


    • Thanks Nicole. It is exceedingly frustrating to speak openly to someone with a closed mind. I had many such face-to-face encounters with him. He was just totally dense. I wonder what type of male nurse practitioner he will become. I would never trust him with a rectal thermometer near me for sure. Take care. Enjoy the day. Cheers. 🙂

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      • I feel your frustration. Having a couple of issues with this type of thing myself. Sometimes, I contemplate speaking my mind, however unfortunately with some of the more closed minded people, one just riles them up and it creates one big discombobulated mess. You also have yourself a great day, Cheers.

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  3. You’re right Amanda. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Too bad this site manager was always sitting on his behind and was blind to what was happening under his watch. Oh well. He’s gone and was soon forgotten.Thanks for your thoughts. Enjoy the day. Take care.

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  4. Sometimes you need to restrain your emotions and other times the offending party needs to be restrained and removed from office if that is humanly possible. In this case tenant’s complaints about his indifference and his fellow co workers descriptions of his gross incompetence led to his eventual downfall.

    He accused me of helping to put the final nails on his coffin lid. I explained to him that his own incompetence led to his dismissal. At the end of it all he still felt he was unfairly wronged by the tenants.


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