This cardinal sin is a real crime Leaving junk anywhere is wrong



“Adam was but human—this explains it all. He did not want the apple for the apple’s sake, he wanted it only because it was forbidden. The mistake was in not forbidding the serpent; then he would have eaten the serpent.” Mark Twain, Pudd’nhead Wilson

The eighth cardinal (or deadly) sin could involve people abandoning their used furniture or other belongings in the wee hours of the morning and letting the folks they imposed upon find a solution to their problem.

The woman in the photo above was calling her husband to come and help remove a large buffet hutch that her two sons and husband had casually dropped off outside my patio doors over night. 

A noisy commotion began last night about 10 p.m. and lasted about two hours. This ruckus in the suite above mine rattled dishes in the kitchen cabinets. It should be noted that the neighbors themselves are arrogant and a call to on site management is alway key to a solution when dealing with them.

There is a clause in our rental agreement that absolutely forbids tenants from using the apartment grounds as their personal dumping ground. These tenants had been there long enough to know the ropes of being a responsible renter.

It was generally quiet overnight but this morning about 11 a.m. the racket started again. I picked up the phone, dialed the complex manager’s office and made a request asking: (1) what are they doing upstairs; (2) how long will this noise continue; and (3) what are their plans to removing this wooden behemoth from the outer entrance steps?

My phone call for assistance got immediate results. The noise stopped , the woman in the photo called her husband to help her sons remove the mess and the cabinet was carted away to the dump.

Most delinquent tenants place their abandoned furniture beside the green garbage collection container during the night and then skip town hoping that no one will catch them. There is a $250 fine if you are caught .

Sometimes you have to raise a ruckus of your own to ensure that your safety and your fellow tenants safety is assured.

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11 Comments on This cardinal sin is a real crime Leaving junk anywhere is wrong

  1. There are so many people who dump loads of trash/junk in the wooded area near my house. Mattresses, concrete, paint cans,every kind of junk imaginable. I don’t know if it is a cardinal sin but it is certainly inappropriate and a good example of not being responsible.


    • I agree with you. It is a matter of gross indifference. Some tenants even drop off their old furniture near a sign that says dumping is illegal. Either they don’t care or terribly illiterate and can’t read signs. Thanks for writing.

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      • People here have to pay when they take things to the dump or if they have more garbage than their trash can is able to hold so I imagine that is the reason for most of the dumping.

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  2. They were getting rid of this or giving it to you??? Wish they would leave this in front of my house!!!!

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    • The hutch had been disassembled the night before from 10 pm till midnight. It was not a gift for me just a handy spot to leave their troubles behind. I know the setup looked in great shape but they must have used hammers and a crowbar to get it through their tiny suite entranceway. It disappeared the next day. It was either secretly hauled away or else vaporized from the cold weather. However it vanished I am glad it did not stick around for any number of days. That’s just me Judy. 🙂


      • Well that was a pretty rotten thing to do…Amazing that they’d have the nerve.

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      • The tenants involved are pampered teenagers. All are under 20 years of age. Their father is an arrogant man who believes the world owes him the respect due him. He has money but not the intelligence to use it properly, I have been baby siting his broodd of reprobates since the day they moved in last May. It is not a matter of having the nerve it is more the reality that they are indifferent to the needs of others.


    • Thank you for the compliment. AN “unofficial” manager. I have seen folks leave their large refuse outside for days until official managment was informed and took action to get it hauled away to the dump. I just acted as the man in the middles.


  3. I don’t understand why folk do this. Arrogance? Laziness? In the UK near where I lived a farmer had to constantly remove dumped furniture from the gate he needed to open for his cows. Then they wanted to close this tiny lane and folk like myself then wouldn’t have been able to enjoy a back route to a beautiful park.

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