Very close shave for coconuts Just another day in paradise



 A man can be the greatest poker player and he might know all the numbers, but he might get beaten by a really savvy kid who works in a grocery store..—  James Woods

A trip to your local grocery store might provide an educational experience in its own right. On a recent tip to a nearby market I notice the fruit in the upper left photo. The sign stated it was a pineapple. Curious,  I asked a nearby produce clerk for an answer. This was a “shaved coconut”  he told me. I never really expected them to be old enough to shave but that is how they were marketed. 

You can learn an awful lot about the do’s and the dont’s of marketing fruits and vegetables in a super market by paying a bit more attention to the items the clerks in that department happen to promote on any particular day.

On a recent trip to a nearby market this past Thursday morning I spotted in the produce department an unusual type of fruit that was enclosed in a special protective wrapping. A nearby sign told interested customers that this was a pineapple and the price was listed in large numbers.

Intrigued,  I approached a nearby clerk in that department and asked him what kind of “pineapple” it happened to be. He looked at the item and after a few moments of deep thought informed me it was a “shaved coconut”. Apparently the old signage had not been removed to accommodate the newly arrived item. 

The insert on the left shows the “shaved coconut” display. The insert on the top right the pineapple display. The main photo display contained the rough-and-tumble non shaved coconuts. 

The clerk told me that many shoppers preferred the pampered coconut over the rough and ready kind. It was a matter of taste. The packaged and primed version cost a few dollars more. The cello  wrap and the protective lining on the coconut protected it from external bumps, bruises and breakage.

For me this was a learning experience. For the produce employees just another day in paradise.

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4 Comments on Very close shave for coconuts Just another day in paradise

  1. Interesting discovery. Very sharp. I don’t mind buying rough coconuts because at the end of the day, they are the same as the not so pretty ones. So long as it’s fresh, zim okay with that 🙂

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  2. Same with me. Rough coconuts are fine. It’s the inside that counts.

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  3. I agree with you 100 per cent. 🙂


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