Blogs are not the answer to living They are communication vehicles



“Only on the Internet can a person be lonely and popular at the same time.” ― Allison Burnett, Undiscovered Gyrl

Sometimes the best laid out plans of mice and men go awry. The computer has robbed many of us of the right to enjoy life not shackled to a desk and laptop. The temptation to remain indoors often outweighs the adventure of taking yourself, your children and friends and exploring the real world. While the internet offers immediate popularity and fame the real world offers you the unique opportunity to be human.

The invention of the internet, personal computers and numerous sites hosting blogs offer many folks the opportunity to express themselves in an open, unfettered and at times unregulated manner. Information after all is meant to be disseminated .

John Q. Public now has the opportunity to not only express himself before like-minded colleagues but also momentarily experience a virtual popularity in his own personal bailiwick. 

While all of this hoopla about popularity on many blog sites is tempting new bloggers in particular should be aware of the fact that this instant notoriety can become addictive to the point that many online aficionados will spend a good majority of the day sitting on a hard back chair rather than getting out of their cramped quarters and enjoying the world beyond that back room office.

The folks in the picture above may or may not be avid blogger types. But even if they are,  they are still out and about spending quality time with their children, friends and significant others and restricting their online time into a manageable time slot.

The truth is out there. Take a chance and explore it.

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4 Comments on Blogs are not the answer to living They are communication vehicles

  1. Great reading! So true! We should turn off the electrics and go for a walk!! Want to?

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  2. Good advice and I love the way you write. Today there’s a lot of rain so I am enjoying reading and catching up on blogs. 24 wifi is also new for me here in our ‘back woods ‘ in Spain.

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