Now you see me…now you don’t Fine art of suite abandonment


“Tell people there’s an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.” 

George Carlin

A fellow tenant recently skipped town and left his suite filthy, the resident manager miffed and the on site clean up crew up to their knees in dust bunnies, tiny rock chips and mold. The items pictured here were left by the curb for three hours. Then magically when I checked out the window again all I caught was the van door closing slowly and mysteriously. It was a good day to split.

Sometimes the cloak of invisibility seems to protect tenants who wish to vacate their suites on the sly. They are hesitant but stealthy in their movements.

These same folks are able to summon up this Harry Potter cloak of concealment at will as they not only leave their apartment unnoticed but also are able to leave their worldly possessions curbside for a small period of time.

This composite photograph shows the three stages of abandonment:

(1) Articles left at curb side.

(2) Means of transport silently parks along side the personal property.

(3) The goods are mysteriously transported inside the van without human assistance.

It is absolutely amazing that no other tenants were able to catch this guy leaving the building in so blatant and open manner. He had to have been a Harry Potter devotee.

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7 Comments on Now you see me…now you don’t Fine art of suite abandonment

  1. I love that quote, Gerry. And Happy New Year to you while I’m here.

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  2. Happy New Year to you as well Tish. Always happy to receive your comments. Take care and have a wonderful 2016.


  3. Happy New Year Gerry,

    Very good quotation, I sometimes feel like a rebel when I think on that quotation, I get snide looks and exclamations. What is wrong with people that they cannot think for themselves, I think slowly but surely man will become more enlightened. Definitely the new generation are better educated and therefore are beginning to question some of the invisible beliefs!!
    They call themselves ‘humanists’ , and are brave enough to talk about it. If the truth be told, most are just that, but are not brave enough to speak up. I do like a bit of mystery and need the comfort of belief at times.
    We are sweltering here in Cape Town.
    Take care and happy writing

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    • Thank you Rose. Happy New Year to you also. Belief is at times both a safety net and blanket. On the one hand it is comforting to hope that there is an invisible man out there looking out for the interests of the cosmos. On the other hand it is also safety net. Suppose there is that invisible entity out there. Many people want to hedge their bets and not call themselves outright atheists. So they call themselves non believers just in case they are wrong. Thank you for writing. Stay cool if you can. Enjoy the day Rose.


    • All the best to you for the new year as wel.. Thanks for writing.


  4. Hi Gerry,
    It is much cooler now,I would say comfortable, can still smell the smoke of the fires on the mountain.
    Although I have a fan running in my living room. This has been the hottest summer that I can remember, made worse for me by the fact that our pool is covered, we have a beautiful beach about 20 min drive from where we stay, Unfortunately cannot go there on my own, and my other dislikes the beach with a passion. Trying to stay cool.


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    • You have to stay cool as best you can Rose. Thank goodness they invented fans. Doesn’t really cool anything but offers the illusion of cool air. A psyhcological thing I guess. Best of luck on that issue. Thanks for writing. Always welcome. 🙂


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