Being young at heart takes effort The rewards outweigh the fuss


“No matter how old we get,we can be still young at heart. But with the benefit of a well-lived lifetime of knowledge and wisdom.” —Marianette Carbito quotes 

Is this man collecting string? A fisherman whose makeshift line has broken? A kite flyer whose length of string broke free due to a strong wind? Does it really matter? Not really. He is out there in the real world having fun even though to the majority of less energetic onlookers he is wasting time.But it is his time to “invest”.

If you have ever watched young children at play they seem to work hard at having fun. Their imaginations are in overdrive and their curiosity levels high enough to stress even the most patient adult. 

These energy levels are committed 100 per cent and their minds are totally focused on the activity at hand. It is innocent fun that helps them cope with the  joys, stresses , fears and hopes of childhood.

They seem to sleep sounder at night as a direct result of venting all this non sugar induced energy into a physical activity. They do not need sleeping pills or warm milk or a tranquilizer pill to help them sleep well.

As adults we can learn a lot from their actions. We need an outlet that will not only keep us sane and on track but also ensure that we maintain our inner and outer body health for years to come.

I am sure that you know or have met people who are younger than you are but yet look older and more weather worn. Genetics aside there is a good chance that these same folks have adopted the attitude that growing older takes a lot from a person.

That may well be true . But how much of yourself are you willing to offer to this popular concept promoted by people who have probably never had a pleasant experience in their entire lives?

I truly suggest that at this time of year you make a New Year resolution to commit a few moments each day to yourself centered around personal reflection and an activity that you find enjoyable. Let this activity help you to outwardly funnel your negative energy streams and convert them into positive outcomes. 

This mental investment in yourself may surprise you at first and be a personal pain in the butt but over a short period of time you will feel younger at heart and more optimistic about your life. Try it! You have nothing to lose other than your stress.

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13 Comments on Being young at heart takes effort The rewards outweigh the fuss

  1. Trying to figure out what is on the end of that string, Gerry. Is it a low-flying kite or a pet snail???

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    • If I were lke Alfred Hitchcock I would say that he is trying to get a firm grip on reality. But I am not that intuitive. Love your sense of humor and irony. Thank you for your thoughts. Much appreciated. A good writer keeps his readers guessing I suppose. 🙂

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  2. Great advice as it is now known that stress takes its toll and robs you of joy and life itself.

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  3. I agree. This is great advice worth paying attention to.

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  4. Good advice. Too bad my leg didn’t take it! Happy New Year!


  5. I love the idea of “investing” his time, instead of “wasting” time. There are many valuable reminders in this article. A fun and interesting read. I appreciate your support of my blogging efforts, Gerry, and wish you and yours all the best as 2016 unfolds. 🙂

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  6. How ironic that the time you spend on yourself – waste, if you will – has such a beneficial effect. I daydream on the subway, en route to work, daydreaming about not having to go to work. 😊 Happy, healthy 2016 to you and your loved ones, Gerry!

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