Weather patterns stifle planet Three years of chaos continues


Climate change is happening, humans are causing it, and I think this is perhaps the most serious environmental issue facing us.” —  Bill Nye

Bizarre weather patterns are just beginning. Tornadoes in December. tropical temperatures in New York City for Christmas. Snow storms in tropical areas of the planet. This is just the beginning of a wild climatological ride that will eventually force us to review and even rethink our use and abuse of the planet we affectionately call home.

December 25th 2018

This article is a fictitious projection about the manner in which my blog’s content will morph in the next three years. I think a great majority of the blogs written will be focused on the dire and changing condition of the planet.

It is my hope the planet itself will be merciful to its indifferent inhabitants and that positive  proactive steps will be taken to ensure not only the survival of the human race but also the preservation of the place we currently call home.

I am quite sure that the nature of the pending apocalyptic threat will be taken more seriously when the following events occur: 

  1. Fourth of July fireworks and parade cancelled due to blizzard-like conditions.
  2. Insurance companies cancel homeowner insurance protection against floods and tornadoes.
  3. Automobile travel across the county jeopardized by widespread landslides and widespread sink hole activity.

I realize that this three-year leap into this unknown future appears to be bleak and filled with gloom and doom apprehension but the truth of the matter is facing us everyday in our very own neighborhoods, newscasts and private lives.

Hopefully three years from now when we all look back to today’s reality we will be able to breathe a major sigh of relief when we realize that steps were initiated to make this fictional account a mere pessimistic flash in the pan of existence.


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2 Comments on Weather patterns stifle planet Three years of chaos continues

  1. Hope so too as many folk seem to just shrug and say it’s just the weather and the climates always changed….

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