Does everyone really love Santa? Christmas is not a downer event




“I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.”   ~ Shirley Temple 

Writer’s Note:

This is the cynical person’s view of the upcoming holiday season. Read it at your own risk and identify with it if the spirit moves you. Happy holidays!


Good morning Virginia :woohoo:

Why is Christmas so hectic and emotionally draining?

Have you ever wondered why the Christmas season is so hectic and filled with imagined fears, doubts, misconceptions and of course ill will?

It seems to be that special time of year when long-lost boyfriends decide to call their former girl friends and ask them if they are seeing anyone and ask with all the sincerity of a drunken sot if they still love them but do so in an inebriated state of mind.

It is also the time of year when one’s “adult” children insist that you treat them like full-grown adults but at the same time treat you, their loving parent, as a childish imbecile revved up on the nostalgia of the season. The fact that they break special holiday promises to you makes you suspect that they are really not that mature after all.

It is also that time of the year when all the effort and fuss you put into selecting your family’s and friend’s extra special Xmas gift is slighted when they tell you that they would like the purchase receipt so that they can exchange the gift for something they like.

Young children and ex spouses can become especially fickle and nerve-wracking this time of the year if you are a divorced parent who tries to maintain a civil relationship with your former significant other only to sadly discover that he/she is undermining your honest efforts with behind-the-scenes manipulations of their own meant to sabotage you and your honest efforts.

If you feel nervous or upset about this Christmas Calamity effect rest assured that you are not alone and that folks the world over are also considering their unsuccessful attempts to bring peace on earth and good will to men and women of course.

The solution: Deck the halls with bottles of rum, bourbon and vodka and delve into the spirits of the season wholeheartedly. The emotional facts of the season may be hard to swallow but the booze will help you forget the stress and confusion you may currently be experiencing.

All the best for the holiday season! ho…ho..ho…hic! :xsanta:

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1 Comment on Does everyone really love Santa? Christmas is not a downer event

  1. Your comment exposes the deeper fearsand resentments that many of the people have been suppressing for yaears. Thank you for your insightful comments Amanda. Much appreciated.


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