Halloween trick really no treat The case of the missing vehicle



I guess when I was a kid I wasn’t the type of person playing a lot of pranks. I was the type of person upon whom pranks were pulled. ” — Scott Aukerman


Ghosts and goblins work in mysterious ways. These two guys found out early that not all Halloween tricks are treats. They discovered early this morning that their vehicle was missing and were baffled. A call to the police theft division informed them they had parked overnight in a no parking zone and their vehicle had been ticketed, towed and  sent to an impound facility. You could rightly say they boo- boo-ed big time. 

These two guys had made plans to host a smashing Halloween party for their friends and co-workers. It was to be a costume party the they were planning to head out early this morning to purchase the beverages, snacks and party favors.

Much to their chagrin they noticed that their vehicle was missing.They called the police to report the incident but were informed that the city had towed their vehicle to an impound facility. They had parked in a “no park” overnight tow away zone. No trick or treat for these guys.

They told me that last year some of their friends had moved their truck from the street and left it parked close to a nearby beer and liquour store. But not so this year.  All the best guys. 



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5 Comments on Halloween trick really no treat The case of the missing vehicle

  1. Oh, what a terrible trick. Happy Halloween, Gerry!

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  2. Happy Halloween to you as well Lois. Enjoy the weekend. Daylight savings time ends tonight. Thanks for writing.


  3. Halloween has never been big in South Africa, maybe a little bigger now than when my children were little. We normally keep sweets for the children who may ring the intercom, but unfortunately we had to disappoint about 15 little children who arrived together in fancy dress, we had regrettably forgotten to buy sweets and biscuits.
    We had been preoccupied with catering for our church tea tomorrow, which we had volunteered to do. We ended up only starting after the rugby which was very good New Zealand having retained the World Cup. Score 34 – 17 against Australia. I am no big sport fan but enjoyed watching a very good try and some amazing kicking over the goal posts.
    The programmes on TV are rather sickening, one about the Boston Stranger. I think it is time for me to switch it off and go to bed. Not normally squeamish but have been not been able to watch anything as everything has been rather gruesome. I suppose the “Halloween Effect”.

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  4. Not a nice way to end a party. Maybe the guys didn’t know they were parking in a no parking zone. Or perhaps they did know and chose to bend the rules. I don’t know how it works there in the States, but I hope they get their car back. Here in Australia if you park overtime at a particular spot, the ticket inspector issues you a ticket. Rarely does a car get towed away even in a no-parking zone. People and other drivers simply maneuver around it.

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