The downside of construction Fear of heights kept me away



“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.” Gerard Way

Some people are psychologically better suited to work in the construction industry than others. They sometimes work at great heights off the ground and seem to be oblivious to the fact that one wrong move and they could tumble over the edge. I applaud these brave individuals. They are the unsung heroes working high up over our heads everyday.

In the town where I lived during my learning stint at university the big money jobs revolved around the automotive or construction industries. If you wanted to drive the flashy car, live in the nicest home or date the local girls you worked in these industries.

In those formative earlier days it seemed that the women must have chanted the following mantra which they probably learned at their mother’s knees: “No dough. No go!” End of story. That was about as natural and expected as a biker wearing leathers and flying his club’s colors.

During the summer breaks employers sought students to temporarily fill in for vacationing staff. The best paying jobs posted on the student employment office boards were for construction or the automotive assembly line.

There was always a mad dash by money hungry students to flock to and scoop up the better paying jobs assembling automobiles. Construction work was there but no one wanted to risk falling off a 30 foot high scaffolding just to earn a few bucks for the summer hiatus.

I seriously consdiered applying for such work but each time the placement councillor asked me if I was afraid I heights I wussed out and said yes. I had to face the truth about myself. I was Doby Gillis in the flesh and hoping for good things in life to magically come my way but from a naive perspective.

I was lucky and found work as a truck driverdelivering milk products on a home to home delivery route. Even though I lacked the necessay driving experience I did possess the requisite driver’s licence. I learned on the job and because I was the summer help was always given the more challenging routes to handle.

Where the regular milkman could complete his run in five hours it took me a 10 hour day to complete. I should add that the seasoned home delivery person took shortcuts that I was too green or downright dumb  to figure out for myself. Such is life.

If I could be reborn I still think I would  shun the job openings in the construction industry in spite of its inherent financial benefits and opportunities.

For me it would still be matter over money. A healthy bank account is admirable but wearing a body cast for a whole school semester is quite another matter.

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