A trouble shooter and proud of it Hazardous walkway finally fixed


“Do stuff. be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration’s shove or society’s kiss on your forehead. Pay attention. It’s all about paying attention. attention is vitality. It connects you with others. It makes you eager. stay eager.”   Susan Sonta

After many months of neglect and indifference by mall owners and town council members this hazardous public walkway nuisance was repaired and the loosened cement, jutting orange barricades and loose stones and  debris have finally been cleared away and the site once again made safe for pedestrian traffic.


In early July of this year I wrote an article describing the hazardous nature of this pedestrian walkway in a local mall. The public walking area had been in this deplorable state of disrepair since early April and nothing was apparently being done to rectify the situation.

Barricades were in place but even this was not adequate enough to protect the public from the unsafe condition it presented.Some type of action was needed to remedy the situation.

When I first posted the article council members and the site’s contractors seemed to waffle on the issue of immediate repair. The merchants in the mall raised their concerns but thei outcry was met by indifference . Posters, surveys and meetings were employed to help the people in power move a wee bit faster.

Finally,  last week repair crews, cement trucks, contractors and other concerned indiviuals took action and within five days time had repaired this eyesore and public nuisance.

I am tooting my own horn here insofar as stating that anyone and everyone should not only take a stand about something that is of major concern to themselves personally but also take action to ensure that all issues of concern are handled as quickly and competently as possible.

I may not be Spiderman but anyone can carry a camera and hopefully effect change in their own city, town or hamlet by being observant, concerned and aware of what’s going on in their own backyards.

Everyone talks about The Fifth Estate and how the offical news agencies cover major events in the world. I write here about creating a potential Sixth Estate — J. Q. Public taking an active role in his/her own community and doing something tangible to rev up the pace of needed change there.



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5 Comments on A trouble shooter and proud of it Hazardous walkway finally fixed

  1. Good for you, Gerry! It amazes me how long the government takes to fix things. What is there to think about? People could get hurt, for gosh sakes.

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    • Thank you Lois. It was less a matter of thinking and more a matter of insurance settlement. The mall owners were waiting until the insurance gurus tabulated a dollar amount they could live with. AN over sized delivery truck crashed into the structure and everyone was waiting for the dollar settlement award to be issued. In the meantime however this gaping cement cavity posed a threat to passersby. That’s big business I guess.

      The mess was located outside a medical walk in center, a liquour store and a store specializing in children’s toys and school supplies. In their opinion not big ticket considerations.


  2. What a frightening image! Kudos to you for stepping forward to demand safety for your neighbors.

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    • Thank you for your thoughts and compliment. Both are appreciated. It is a lot scarier when you see it in real life. It was amazing that the setup did not collapse outright. Sometimes you have to step up and lead the parade of life. Enjoy the day.


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